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Choosing the right home

Choosing the right Care Home can be a very difficult decision for you and your family. People generally look for a comfortable and caring atmosphere suited to their individual needs. At Tanglewood we understand one of the major worries facing families is how to fund Care Home fees. You may be surprised to know that around 55 per cent of Residents receive at least some funding from their local authority. In addition, if you are paying for your own care and are assessed as needing nursing care, the NHS will contribute towards your costs in a Registered Care Home with Nursing.


When considering Care Home living, you should first contact the Local Authority’s Social Service department in the area where you live. You will then be assessed on your personal care needs and have to satisfy the criteria of a financial assessment (based on similar rules for those receiving income support). The Local Authority will ask the NHS locally to assess your need for nursing care.

In assessing an individual’s needs for assistance, the government will take into account any possible forms of income, including:

  • Personal / Company Pension
  • State Pension
  • State Benefits / Entitlements
  • Income from investments – National Savings
  • Income from Bank/Building Society Accounts
  • Income from Shares
  • Income from Investment Trusts / Unit Trusts
  • Income from Insurance Policies
  • Capital from the sale of property and other assets

To help you assess potential sources of income, you may well wish to speak to professional advisers, such as an Accountant, Solicitor, Bank Manager or Specialist Independent Advisor. You are well advised to seek several views in order that you can make an informed decision.

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For people required to fully fund their own care and accommodation, a NHS nurse will determine the level of nursing input you will require in a nursing home. They will then place a financial value on your nursing health needs. This will be your ‘free nursing contribution’. You should expect to be fully involved in this assessment. A future date should be set to review your nursing care needs.

For further details please contact your local Social Services department or you may wish to visit the the following websites for helpful information:

Fee and administration information

The cost will depend upon individually assessed care needs and the length of stay required. The Home Manager will advise of the cost taking into consideration all these factors. In all circumstances the weekly fee will be for 24-hour care; all meals and refreshments; housekeeping and laundry services and the activities programme. Fees are generally paid by standing order monthly in advance. For short stay periods of Respite Care, fees are payable in advance on the day of admission.

If prospective Residents are self-funding (i.e. paying their own fees) they can choose any Tanglewood Care Home they wish, providing the Home has available accommodation and is able to meet their individual care needs. However, if a Resident requires financial assistance to pay their fees, from either the Local Authority (Social Services) or the National Health Service (NHS), they will first have to assess your needs and determine the level of financial support they are prepared to provide for you. If you need help straight away and do not wish to wait for an assessment to be carried out, Tanglewood Care Homes can offer a short stay prior to assessment. This short period would be 'self-funded' by the prospective Resident or their family. At this point, the Resident and his/her relatives can decide on a planned course of action.

Other Information

You may also find the following advice on funding from Age Concern helpful:

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