Embracing joyful connections at Cloverleaf Care Home

8 December 2023

Embracing joyful connections at Cloverleaf Care Home

What a delightful start to the week as ARTventurers brought smiles and laughter to Cloverleaf Care Home during our first intergenerational session! Children aged 6 months to 4 years, accompanied by their moms, filled the home with festive cheer, engaging in heartwarming Christmas craft activities alongside our residents.

As the children arrived, the residents’ faces lit up with excitement, eager to share in the joyous moments unfolding. Enthusiastic little ones proudly showcased their creations, bringing immense joy to our residents.

The interactive zones were a playground of creativity and connection. From painting a big sleigh for the children to ride in, exploring a winter wonderland rice tuff spot, dancing with egg shakers and Christmas ribbons to festive tunes, crafting reindeer countdown calendars, to decorating Christmas tree ornaments with hand and finger prints – every moment was filled with shared joy and bonding.

In a touching gesture, everyone created a craft tree adorned with memories of this special morning, gifted to the home as a token of gratitude.

Daughters Sharon and Sandie, reflecting on their mother Joy’s experience, expressed how much she enjoyed the session. Team Member Kim shared, “This is wonderful,” capturing the sentiment echoed by all. Activities Lead Hayley added, “It was so heartwarming to watch and incredible to be a part of. We can’t wait for the Easter special for more fun activities with the little ARTventurers.”

Cheers to creating lasting connections and spreading joy through generations at Cloverleaf Care Home!

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