Elf extravaganza takes over Meadows Park

7 December 2023

Elf extravaganza takes over Meadows Park

Today was ‘Elf Day’ at Meadows Park, all the team joined in the festive fun! Each resident and team member received their unique elf names, from Snowflake Sugarkin to Cosmo Winterville, setting the stage for a day filled with joy.

Before diving into the games, we kicked off the festivities with a lively snowball fight that resonated with laughter echoing throughout the home. Cheryl Shorter and Daniel (CEO) couldn’t resist the excitement and, donning outfits borrowed from maintenance, jumped right into the merriment.

The highlight of the day was the elf wrapping competition, where residents and staff showcased their creativity by wrapping designated elves against the clock. The energy was infectious, and Harry couldn’t help but capture the fun, eagerly snapping pictures with his own camera.

Liam Care Assistant shared, “It was really good fun, and it was nice to see everyone mix and get involved. The spirit of togetherness filled the air as residents and staff united in the joy of elf day.’

Elf day at Meadows Park was a resounding success, creating cherished memories and bringing smiles to everyone’s faces.

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