Electronic Violinist event at Hunters Creek

1 October 2023

Electronic Violinist event at Hunters Creek

In the community of Hunters Creek, the residents were in for a delightful treat this week—a visit from the renowned local violinist, Stephen Clarke.

Stephen’s journey into the world of music had begun in his early childhood. As a young boy, he had shown an extraordinary talent for both the violin and piano. At the tender age of 16, he embarked on a unique path, becoming a military musician. This decision would lead him to unforgettable encounters with royalty and world leaders alike.

It was during his tenure as a military musician that Stephen received a remarkable invitation—to play for none other than the Queen of England herself and other esteemed members of the Royal Family. Over the years, he graced the Queen’s presence on countless occasions, performing his soulful melodies in the grandeur of the royal dining room. Stephen often fondly remembered these moments, describing Her Late Majesty the Queen as not only regal but surprisingly petite in person. Despite her stature, she exuded kindness and professionalism, always inquiring about his well-being and ensuring he had been “fed and watered.”

Stephen’s journey with the military continued for nine eventful years until love led him to make a significant move. He fell for a charming Sleaford girl and relocated from bustling London to the tranquil landscapes of the countryside.

Beyond his royal performances, Stephen had other remarkable experiences that defined his illustrious career. He had the honor of playing for the then President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, along with a distinguished gathering of Western leaders at a grand Economics Summit Dinner held in the opulent St James’ Palace.

However, Stephen’s passion extended beyond the grand stages. In the heart of Boston, he dedicated 25 years to teaching the art of the violin in local schools. Additionally, he worked closely with dementia residents in the Spalding area, sharing the healing power of music at various community venues. He had also served as a piano teacher at St George’s Prep school until recent years.

As if his accomplishments weren’t impressive enough, Stephen’s connection with the residents of Hunters Creek went even deeper. One resident, Rosalie, was overjoyed to discover that Stephen had been born in Falkirk, Scotland, a mere four miles from her own childhood home. The shared nostalgia of their local villages forged a heartfelt bond between them.

In Hunters Creek, Stephen Clarke had become a cherished figure, beloved for his musical talents and his warm, personable nature. The residents eagerly anticipated his return, knowing that the magic of his violin would soon grace their peaceful community once again.

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