22 August 2023

Eastern Promise visit Cloverleaf

Cloverleaf Care Home had a fantastic end to the week when Eastern Promise a group of Belly Dancers who perfrom for the local community and charities visited the home to perform for our residents.

One of our resident’s daughters is in the dance group and they visited the home to perform 10 of their dances.

These incredible dancers encouraged everyone to join in by talking them through their routine, they also used LED candles to engage the residents and show them ways of moving their arms. The dancers provided different scarves for the everyone to try out and dance with.

It was a great way for our residents to learn something new, keep fit and have fun at the same time. They even got the team up and involved, which was great entertainemnt for our residents.

Bridie Care Assistant commented ‘I felt so inspired and really enjoyed the performace, we cant wait to start lessons’

Hayley Lifestyle Lead said ‘They built up a brilliant atmosphere with lots of fun, laughter and excitement, exactly what was needed to get the residents joining in.’


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