Dough Disco at Avocet House Care Home

2 February 2024

Dough Disco at Avocet House Care Home

This week was a day filled with laughter and joy as we immersed ourselves in the delightful world of Dough Disco. Our residents came together for a session that proved to be both entertaining and beneficial for our well-being.

Dough Disco, a lively and interactive activity, led us through a series of hand and finger exercises. The purpose? To enhance fine muscle control, refine both fine and gross motor dexterity, and sharpen hand-eye coordination. As music played in the background, we engaged in the rhythmic and therapeutic act of molding play dough.

The room echoed with the sounds of rolling dough into perfect spheres, flattening it with purpose, and even putting each individual finger into the soft, pliable material. We embraced the tactile experience with enthusiasm, rolling and squeezing our way through the session. The joyous atmosphere made it clear that this wasn’t just an exercise; it was a source of genuine delight for everyone involved.

Dough Disco provided not only physical benefits but also a wonderful opportunity for social interaction and shared laughter. Together, we reveled in the simple pleasures of molding and shaping, creating a unique bond through the shared experience. It’s more than just an exercise routine; it’s a cherished activity that brings smiles to our faces and warmth to our hearts.

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