Dementia action week at Cloverleaf Care Home

22 May 2024

Dementia action week at Cloverleaf Care Home

For Dementia Action Week, Activities Lead Hayley and Nurse & Mentor Lynn organized a series of engaging activities for the residents, with Lynn focusing on Dignity in Dining for those with dementia.

To kick off the week, the residents enjoyed their favourite activities: Dancing for Dementia and Seated Exercises set to their favourite songs. These activities are crucial for keeping residents active and happy.

The following day featured a Dementia Disco, including residents who preferred to stay in their rooms. They requested their favourite songs and shared wonderful memories, from learning to play the piano and meeting their spouses to ballroom dancing and being karaoke stars. The afternoon was filled with singing and dancing, accompanied by a performance from guitarist Alan, a friend of one of the residents.

Midweek, the residents planted Forget Me Not seeds in colourful pots for the balconies and garden, adding a touch of nature and beauty to their surroundings.

As the week progressed, residents and their families attended a Dementia Cafe event. They enjoyed an afternoon of games, cake, and nostalgic conversations, prompting lots of reminiscing.

To conclude Dementia Action Week, staff, families, and the Dementia Research Team participated in a 5k walk. The walk began at Cloverleaf Care Home, went across the common, towards The Pie Wipe, and back again. After the walk, participants enjoyed drinks and a light buffet, fostering engaging conversations throughout the morning.

Inspired by the event, resident Des suggested that the residents complete a 5k walk around the home and garden. He measured the corridors and garden to determine the necessary laps. Together, the residents completed the accumulated 5k walk, raising money for Dementia UK.

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