Dance like nobodys watching

31 August 2023

Dance like nobodys watching

Happiness comes from keeping the mind active and exercising the body.

Here at Avocet House there couldn’t be a more true statement. With plenty of activites, games and events to keep our resdients mind active, we also priortise exercising.

In fact our residents love it!

Avocet House is the musical gem of Tanglewood, with music, laughter and dancing on the planner everyday.

Tracey Klue Home Manager said, “I value the opinions of our residents; it is important to listen and act on the things they say.  Their happiness underpins our culture; therefore, we will always put residents wishes first. Our residents made the suggestion to have music afternoons, all of our resdients love music, and the afternoon goes down really well. It is a great way to lift spirits, feel connected and bond. You will always hear music when you visit our home, it has become an integral part of our culture.’ 


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