Crafting connections

1 March 2024

Crafting connections

At Richard House, a heartwarming event unfolded as residents and visitors came together for our first Coffee and Craft morning. The inspiration behind this delightful gathering? None other than our own resident, Chris.

Chris, a creative soul with a passion for crafting, particularly adores making Ribbon Wreaths. Despite spending most of her time in her room, Chris decided to share her love for crafting by suggesting the idea of hosting a coffee and craft morning. It was a brilliant idea, providing her with an opportunity to showcase her skills and connect with others in the community.

As the morning unfolded, Chris’s joy was palpable. With a radiant smile gracing her face, she eagerly demonstrated the art of making Ribbon Wreaths to the assembled guests. It was clear to everyone present that Chris was thoroughly enjoying herself, and her enthusiasm was contagious.

Visitors eagerly joined in, crafting their own wreaths under Chris’s expert guidance.

The success of the event was evident not only in the smiles on everyone’s faces but also in the feedback received. Visitors expressed their eagerness to return for future Coffee and Craft mornings, while residents voiced their excitement at the prospect of more creative gatherings.

Chris’s initiative has truly made a lasting impact on our community, and her idea will now become a cherished tradition at Richard House. We applaud Chris for her creativity, kindness, and willingness to share her talents with others. Her contribution has enriched the lives of all who attended, and we look forward to many more joyful crafting sessions in the days ahead. Well done, Chris, and thank you for your inspiration and dedication!

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