Cloverleaf residents welcome newly hatched chicks

25 April 2023

Cloverleaf residents welcome newly hatched chicks

Residents of Cloverleaf Care Home have recently welcomed 10 little chicks to their home. Cloverleaf received 10 eggs, which team members and residents carefully watched with anticipation to see when they would hatch.

All 10 eggs hatched, and residents watched in admiration as they welcomed them to the world.

One resident sat with the chicks and watched them for a while, the whole experience reminder her of being a child when her own mother brought chicks for the family. Our resident remembered how they were in a box in front of the hearth to keep them warm, she commented ‘Isn’t it crazy how seeing these chicks bring back memories from when I was 9 years old.’

Many of our residents and team members agreed that watching the little chicks was mesmerising.

Everyone was sad to eventually say goodbye to the little chicks, even the local fire service came to visit when passing for a cuppa and gave them a cuddle goodbye, but we did keep 2, Clover and Leaf. Everyone was involved in naming the chicks and are excited to see them grow and develop over the coming months and learn how to care for them.

Cloverleaf Care Home is a 72-bed home, with spacious bedrooms and ensuite wet-room facilities, beautiful communal lounges and dining areas, hair salon, tea room with nail bar and a home cinema. A diary of activities will keep our residents busy. Residents will be provided with the opportunity to maintain their independence, continuing with their daily routines whilst having the day-to-day needs taken care of.

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