Cloverleaf celebrate 5th Anniversary

3 April 2024

Cloverleaf celebrate 5th Anniversary

We threw a grand celebration in honor of Cloverleaf’s 5th Anniversary, extending invitations to residents, families, our dedicated team, and supportive professionals.

The festivities kicked off with Amanda from The Dreambelles, who kept the energy high with her lively performance throughout the afternoon. Our kitchen crew curated a delightful traditional buffet along with an array of beverages, including a tantalising cocktail for toasting the occasion.

The atmosphere was vibrant as everyone joined in singing, dancing, and immersing themselves in the jubilant atmosphere. Our Front of House Manager, Sarah, surprised us all with a stunning Cloverleaf-themed cake she had made specially, prompting a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday, with residents gleefully blowing out the candles.

Alex, a relative of one of our residents, extended warm wishes, remarking, “You are all so fabulous; I hope you enjoyed your celebrations.” Meanwhile, Jane, a friend of a resident, expressed heartfelt congratulations on reaching this milestone. She conveyed gratitude to the hardworking team for their dedicated care of their loved ones.

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