Christmas magic unleashed at Hunters Creek!

5 December 2023

Christmas magic unleashed at Hunters Creek!

The festive spirit has officially taken over at Hunters Creek, and we can’t contain our excitement! Tiney has worked her magic, adorning our space with beautifully decorated Christmas trees that twinkle with holiday joy. Saskia has been crafting delightful salt dough ornaments and guiding residents in creating their own advent calendars, spreading the joy of the season.

Santa’s Grotto is taking shape for our Christmas Fair on December 9th, thanks to the artistic touch of Rosalie. With painted brick wallpaper and carefully wrapped boxes, the anticipation is building for a day filled with festive cheer!

Throughout the home, the sounds of Christmas music echo, blending harmoniously with the joyous laughter of residents and staff singing Christmas carols. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas at Hunters Creek, creating a warm and joyful atmosphere for everyone. We’re thrilled to introduce our newest resident, Twinkle the Elf!  He’ll be staying with us until Santa picks him up on Christmas Eve.

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