Chair-based fitness fun

5 March 2024

Chair-based fitness fun

Today was a day filled with excitement and activity at Meadows Park Care Home as we welcomed a special guest, Conner from Club Spa at Kenwick Park, to lead our armchair exercise session. With enthusiasm and energy, Conner guided the residents through a series of easy arm and leg exercises, incorporating a weighted ball for added challenge. The session was so engaging that even Liam, one of our dedicated care team, couldn’t resist joining in on the fun.

As Conner led the exercises, the residents eagerly participated, enjoying the opportunity to stretch and move their bodies in the comfort of their chairs. Between exercises, they seized the chance to learn more about the offerings at Club Spa, from the leisure pool and jacuzzi to the hydro pool and fitness classes. However, much to Conner’s surprise, the residents expressed their contentment with sticking to the chair-based exercises, finding joy and satisfaction in the simplicity of the routine.

After Conner bid farewell, the residents couldn’t contain their positive feedback about the session. Sheila expressed her delight in trying something new, while Sue remarked on the effectiveness of the exercises in working her arms. Jenny described the session as incredibly enjoyable. Even Liam, enthusiastically declared his willingness to join in again, a testament to the success of the activity.

It was truly heartwarming to witness the residents’ enthusiasm and enjoyment during the armchair exercise session. Their eagerness to participate and their positive feedback serve as a reminder of the importance of providing engaging and enriching activities for our residents. We’re grateful to Conner for his visit and look forward to more memorable experiences like this in the future.

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