Celebrating Children in Need at Meadows Park

21 November 2023

Celebrating Children in Need at Meadows Park

Get ready for a Friday fiesta, where we unleashed our inner funsters to support Children in Need! How, you ask? Well, picture this: we rocked the ultimate fashion statement by strutting around in our fabulous pyjamas. The residents couldn’t contain their giggles—seriously, we were a sight to behold!

But that’s not all. We cranked up the joy-o-meter by diving into some serious cake action. Yep, you heard it right—tasty cakes galore! We even levelled up our baking game with a bit of biscuit decorating magic. It was a culinary carnival right in our own home.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, we cozied up for an evening extravaganza. And guess what had us rolling on the floor with laughter? The puppets on MasterChef, as declared by the one and only Caroline! It turns out, puppets and cooking make for the ultimate comedy duo.

So, there you have it—pyjamas, cakes, biscuits, and a puppet-packed MasterChef session. Who said Fridays can’t be a blast? We not only supported a fantastic cause but also sprinkled our day with laughter and deliciousness. Cheers to fun-filled Fridays that make everyone smile!

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