Brownies earn painting badge at Holbeach Meadows

27 March 2024

Brownies earn painting badge at Holbeach Meadows

Last Wednesday, Holbeach Meadows had the pleasure of hosting the local Brownies for their weekly meeting, and what a delightful evening it was! Residents warmly welcomed the Brownies into our home, where we all came together for an enjoyable session of arts and crafts aimed at helping the Brownies earn their Painting Badge.

With a wide array of artistic tools at our disposal, we embarked on creating spring flower pictures. While some residents opted for traditional brushes, the Brownies were eager to explore the world of finger painting. Surprisingly, the residents also embraced this playful approach and joined in on the finger painting fun!

The Brownies showcased exemplary behavior throughout the evening, engaging in lively conversations with the residents as they unleashed their creativity onto canvas. It was heartwarming to witness the genuine connection and camaraderie that blossomed between our residents and the young visitors.

We’re already looking forward to their next visit and eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Rainbows next term. These interactions with our local youth bring joy and vitality to our community, and we can’t wait to create more wonderful memories together!

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