Be Great Fitness inspires residents with boxing

25 October 2023

Be Great Fitness inspires residents with boxing

We were delighted to host a visit from Bailey and Tom of “Be Great Fitness.” Their visit was an exciting experience as they introduced our residents to the art of boxing. The residents were eager to participate, and Bailey, the founder of Be Great Fitness, wasted no time in getting things started.

Bailey’s journey in fitness began at the young age of 17, driven by his desire to make fitness accessible to those at their most vulnerable. His dedication has been acknowledged with two prestigious awards: ‘The Healthy Living Award, NELC Civic Awards 2021’ and ‘New Business Award, Northern Lincolnshire Business Awards 2022.’

Upon arriving at our home, Bailey took the time to introduce himself to everyone and then dived right into the world of boxing. He began with a series of stretching exercises, designed to loosen up the legs and arms and improve joint mobility. Bailey displayed great patience and care, assisting residents with limited mobility.

Next, Tom distributed exercise balls to the residents, which were used for another engaging activity. Residents held the balls in front of them, lifting them into the air and gently twisting their bodies from side to side. It was a fun and invigorating exercise.

The excitement reached a peak when Bailey donned his pads, and Tom distributed boxing gloves. Bailey outlined the plan: residents were to hit the punch pads with as much force as they desired. Some residents surprised Bailey with their strength, leaving him almost speechless. Bailey’s friendly demeanor and sense of humor made the session even more enjoyable, as he interacted with our residents in a light-hearted manner.

The residents were so enamored with Be Great Fitness that they immediately requested a return visit. Given the residents’ enthusiasm and the success of the activities Bailey had planned, we are considering bringing them back to share more fitness and fun in the future.

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