13 October 2023


Hold onto your hats because we’ve got the juiciest news ever!  Avocet House is getting ready for a fabulous addition in February 2024.

Let’s give a thunderous round of applause and an avalanche of congratulations to our Deputy Manager Chelsey and her partner Nick, who are soon to become proud parents! Residents and team members are over the moon, their excitement can’t be contained.

But here’s the kicker – we’ve got an electrifying competition for you! It’s time to channel your inner detective and guess the gender of the soon-to-arrive baby Meeds.

Head on down to our reception area where you’ll find suggestion box and oodles of paper. Jot down your guess, add your name, and don’t forget those contact details. The first correct guess will be crowned the winner and take home a sparkling bottle of Prosecco and a scrumptious box of chocolates.

But that’s not all, folks! We’re throwing a gender reveal party right here at Avocet House closer to the big day. Residents and team members will be the life of the party.

And here’s the cherry on top: a resident will be the lucky one to draw the winning guess at the gender reveal shindig. How cool is that?

Stay tuned for more updates, because the date and time for the gender reveal extravaganza will be announced soon! It’s going to be a blast, so don’t miss out on all the fun.

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