Avocet House cabaret show

25 October 2023

Avocet House cabaret show

This week, the residents of Avocet House were treated to an absolutely fabulous cabaret show. The evening was a mesmerizing showcase of cabaret songs brought to life by live West End performers, leaving everyone in awe.

We extended a warm invitation to our residents’ loved ones and family members to join us for this unforgettable night of entertainment. The best part? The show was completely free, with just a small donation requested to contribute to our residents’ fund.

Our talented kitchen team prepared a wonderful buffet, ensuring that the evening was as delicious as it was entertaining. As the night unfolded, it was a spectacle of fun, glitz, and glamour, promising a memorable experience for all.

The incredible duo of Nicky and Neil from Clearer Productions held the audience in rapt attention for a full hour, serenading us with an array of captivating cabaret songs. Nicky, in her beautiful and glamorous outfits, left the ladies—and indeed the gentleman—in the audience utterly mesmerized.

It was a truly brilliant West End performance, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Nicky and Neil for their exceptional talent and dedication.

We also want to express our immense thanks to our lovely families who attended and supported us throughout this enchanting evening. And, of course, a special shout-out to our kitchen team for the delectable and beautifully presented buffet that added to the evening’s delight.

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