Autumn creations

28 September 2023

Autumn creations

One cold and wet, dreary day in Coningsby. We residents at Toray Pines wanted something to do to cheer us up. So out comes the glue and fake autumn leaves, which brightens up our spirits with the beautiful red, brown and orange colours. Today we are making autumn decorations to put up all around our home.

Hearts, wreaths, oblongs and circular shapes fill the tables for residents to stick the leaves too. Some beautiful creations all ready to dry out and then pop up next week.

Pearl was very happy to join in but thought she wouldn’t be able to as her eye sight is not great today. Pearl did a wonderful job.

Jacky said ‘I really enjoyed this and the people, we had a good sing a long too.’

Linda commented how she had a wonderful time too and enjoyed the company and met a new lady Anita.

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