Art therapy

5 October 2023

Art therapy

In the cozy confines of Avocet House, this week was marked by the enchanting world of dot art painting. Our art therapy sessions have always held a special place in the hearts of our residents, offering a unique avenue to explore creativity, awaken the senses, and nourish the soul.

As the residents gathered, each one was armed with a blank canvas and an array of vibrant colors. The objective was clear: create pictures and patterns through the soothing rhythm of dot art. It was more than just a creative outlet; it was a journey that promised to uplift spirits, refine fine motor skills, amplify self-expression, and trigger new thought processes.

Among our residents, Jean initially expressed doubt about her ability to craft her own masterpiece. However, with unwavering determination and an outpouring of concentration, she embarked on a journey stroke by stroke, dot by dot, Jean wove a beautiful pattern onto her canvas. When she finally stepped back to admire her work, there was a gleam of pride in her eyes that spoke volumes.

But the magic of this art therapy extended beyond Jean’s accomplishment. It stirred memories in Sue, who had once worked with children in her earlier years. Sue’s heart brimmed with nostalgia as she shared tales of her teaching days. Her response was overwhelmingly positive, and she even found her voice, sharing a few words with those around her.

Sue, who had typically refrained from participating in group activities, was drawn into painting. Sue, relaxed and utterly focused, connecting with her artistic side.

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