Armchair travel experience to Denmark at Horncastle

26 June 2024

Armchair travel experience to Denmark at Horncastle

To mark the Euros this year, each house in the Tanglewood group has been assigned a different country to support. At Horncastle, we’re cheering for Denmark! Since we don’t have many football enthusiasts among our residents, we decided to focus on learning about Denmark instead.

We set up an Armchair Travel experience to Denmark for our downstairs residents. Invitations and boarding passes for our ‘flight’ were sent out in advance. On the morning of our trip, we checked passes at the dining room ‘boarding gate’ and, like old-fashioned air hosts, directed everyone to their seats. The pilot and cabin crew made their announcements, and we were off!

As we journeyed, the tea trolley came through the aisle with a selection of delicious Danish pastries. After enjoying our treats, we heard the landing announcements and watched a video showcasing the best sights in Denmark. The video was fascinating and sparked much conversation, as none of us had visited Denmark in person. We all agreed it looks like a lovely country to explore.

As part of our ‘trip,’ we also learned some basic Danish phrases. Then, with another set of cabin announcements, we were back in time for lunch!

Everyone agreed it was one of the most successful, enjoyable, and interesting activities of the month. Definitely an experience we plan to repeat!

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