Armchair travel at Holbeach Meadows Care Home

30 May 2023

Armchair travel at Holbeach Meadows Care Home

Residents at Holbeach Meadows discuss their activity programme at their monthly meetings with Home Manager Gemma and Activities Coordinators Sarah and Anya, and have decided that an armchair travel day, where the residents pick a country that we virtually travel to for the day, is to become a monthly feature. These days give us an opportunity to experience other cultures, try new foods and reminisce about past holidays and travel, as well as having fun together.

This month the residents chose Spain. To set the scene we decorated the lounge and dining room, had Spanish guitar music playing throughout the home all day and the team came dressed for work in their holiday clothes.

We had a flamenco armchair exercise class in the morning, complete with castanets, and enjoyed a traditional Spanish lunch of Paella, Fish Stew, Patatas bravas and Churros with a chocolate dip.

In the afternoon we watched a documentary about Spain and its history, then had fun with a chocolate filled piñata and a glass of Sangria, non-alcoholic for the team of course.

Feedback from the residents was great, one said of the day ‘the Spanish theme was very nice, it was something different. I enjoyed the paella and the programme on Spain’. Another resident said ‘the piñata was funny, I enjoyed the programme on Spain because a lot of the places I had been to and could recall being there’. Other comments from residents included ‘I enjoyed the Spanish day because it was something different, I enjoyed all the food’ and watching the Spanish programme was very interesting’.

The team also had a great day, Care Assistant Paul said ‘I thought it was excellent, everybody enjoyed it and everyone took part, all the staff took part too which was lovely’. Care Assistant Chloe said ‘it was a great day, everyone loved it’. Senior Care Assistant Tammy said ‘it was great, the food was lovely, the atmosphere was lovely, everyone got involved and there was lots of singing and dancing from the staff, which the residents enjoyed watching’.

Home Manager Gemma said ‘the day was a huge success, the residents all had a lovely time and really enjoyed doing something a bit different! I was delighted to have the whole team join in and see everyone having fun. Bringing the whole home together, team members and residents, for events like this truly lifts everyone’s spirits and makes Holbeach Meadows the lovely community that it is.’

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