Armchair adventures

13 October 2023

Armchair adventures

G’day, mates! Grab your hats and sunscreen because we’re about to embark on a rip-roaring armchair travel adventure that’s going down under, all the way to the land of kangaroos and koalas—Australia!

At Holbeach Meadows, the end of September was a whirlwind of Aussie excitement! The moment our residents opened their eyes, they were in for a treat. The lounges were transformed into a vibrant, beachy paradise with flags, inflatable kangaroos hopping about, and surfboard backdrops. And let’s not forget the pièce de résistance – our fantastic team decked out in red, white, blue, holiday outfits, and even some Australian fancy dress that included flag capes, cork hats, and yes, there was even a Steve Irwin in the mix! Crikey!

As if that weren’t enough, our Holbeach Meadow residents got their hands dirty in the kitchen, whipping up some delicious veggie kebabs. But here’s the twist, these delights weren’t just for show – we fired up the BBQ outside, thanks to our Head Chef Mike, and served up a mouthwatering feast. And what’s a trip to Australia without a pavlova to sweeten the deal?

Once our bellies were content, it was time to turn on the documentary to learn all about the land Down Under. But wait, there’s more! The real fun started with a rip-roaring show and tell session. Residents and team members took centre stage, sharing souvenirs and stories from their own worldly travels. It was like a mini–Aussie Museum right there in our home!

What’s truly fantastic is that with each armchair travel day, our residents are diving in deeper and having more fun. They’re not just armchair travellers; they’re becoming true adventurers, and the best part is they keep getting better and better at it!

Now adventurers, it’s time to pack our bags, because our next stop on this globetrotting adventure is none other than Germany! Get ready for some lederhosen, pretzels, and Oktoberfest vibes. Until then, keep the fun alive, because at Holbeach Meadows, every day is an adventure.



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