Andys Man Club and Meadows Park Care Home

23 May 2023

Andys Man Club and Meadows Park Care Home

Andys man club is a group in Louth where men can get together in a safe environment to talk. It’s runs every Monday and last night Meadows Park Care Home have sponsored them providing tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits.

‘The group provides the chance for men to chat, share experiences and realise they are not alone’ commented Simon the co facilitator of Andys man club.

It’s fantastic that men can get together and share anything and get advice.

Zoe Randall Home Manager and Cheryl Shorter Regional Manager met Jason who facilitates the meeting, and he was so pleased to receive our donation as he said by offering a small bite to eat enables people to break the ice when they first meet.

We look forward to the growing relationship between Andys man club and Meadows Park Care Home.



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