An adventure.. Alpaca my bags

3 July 2023

An adventure.. Alpaca my bags

This week Sandpiper residents had a visit from, Big Sky Alpacas UK.

Big Sky Alpacas aim to provide a relaxing, informative, and calming visit, the team managed to provide just that, the residents spent the morning feeding and petting the Alpacas whilst learning interesting facts. They were even taken up in our lift so that they could meet all our lovely residents upstairs.

Samson and Kerol were a great hit, our residents thoroughly enjoyed taking care of them.

This week’s activity provided happy memories for our residents, with one commenting ‘I would love for Samson and Kerol to visit us again, it was a fabulous morning.’

Sandpiper Care Home is welcoming new residents, to find out more contact our friendly team today on 01507 462112.

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