Alfords 1940s weekend

17 August 2023

Alfords 1940s weekend

We took some of our residents back to the 1940s and they really had a blast. Our little historic market town Alford transports back to the war era of the 1940s every year.

It really has become a town effort and even our local business get involved providing entertainment and decorating their shops windows. Hundreds of people turn out for the event with many visitors turning up in 1940s costumes.

There was dancing, singing, vintage vehicles displays and even a wartime encampment, because last year was a huge hit, this year the event was even bigger, and we had a spitfire on display in the Market place. That wasn’t the only special part of this weekend, there even was a flyover from the Lancaster. Despite the cloudy skies it still went ahead.

Our resident Brian loved to get up close to the old vehicles and machinery, he really was in his element. Brian even got the chance to hold a rifle that the soldiers would have used in the war.

Suzanne said her favourite part of the day was watching the swing dancing held at the corn exchange. Suzanne said if she had a nice frock and her dancing shoes on, she would have looked the part to join in.

The 1940s weekend is big hit with our residents, and it brought up past experiences that some of our residents had been through during that time. Our longest resident at sandpiper had a memory of when him and his twin brother got evacuated away from their family and home. He said he remembers how sad it made him feel because he was a very young boy at the time, but it made him apricate loved ones so much more when he finally got reunited back with his parents. Hearing some of our residents’ stories and being apart of going back in time to the 1940s was a fascinating and educational experience.

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