Active for April at Toray Pines

18 April 2024

Active for April at Toray Pines

One of Toray Pines’ goals for this month was to enhance the level of activity among our residents throughout the home. Research indicates that increased movement not only boosts mood but also enhances mobility and reduces the risk of pressure sores and joint discomfort associated with prolonged periods of inactivity.

To kickstart our “Month of Steps,” we partnered with our beloved resident Mary, who typically prefers to remain seated in specific areas of the building and engages with few others aside from wheelchair outings. With the dedicated support of Jo and Donna, Mary embarked on a journey to improve her upper body strength through targeted exercises and one-on-one sessions.

Despite her initial reservations about her mobility, Mary expressed a desire to set movement targets for herself throughout April. Encouraged by positive reinforcement, Mary took on the role of assistant head chef, donning a tabard and accompanying Jo on rounds with the tea trolley. With each interaction, Mary’s confidence grew as she engaged with fellow residents, taking orders and spreading cheer.

Buoyed by her newfound sense of purpose, Mary gradually abandoned her walking frame, opting to push the trolley independently down the corridor. She took the opportunity to visit residents confined to their rooms, offering companionship and encouragement to participate in activities that promote mobility and socialisation.

True to her word, Mary continued to push herself, completing the entire tea trolley run for the ground floor. Her efforts were reflected in the over 1000 steps recorded on her pedometer, marking a significant achievement in her journey towards increased activity and engagement.

Mary’s determination and resilience serve as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the transformative power of setting and pursuing meaningful goals. As we continue to support Mary and our residents on their paths to greater mobility and well-being, we are grateful for the opportunity to witness their progress and resilience firsthand.

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