A transformative journey

15 December 2023

A transformative journey

We’re overjoyed to share the heartwarming success story of Norman, a testament to the dedicated efforts and compassionate care at Tanglewood. Jo, our incredible Lifestyle Coordinator, embarked on a journey to build a meaningful connection with Norman, who had been facing challenges with low mood and social engagement.

Despite initial hesitations, Jo persisted, regularly extending invitations for walks and creating opportunities for Norman to join communal activities. This week marked a turning point as Norman eagerly anticipated Jo’s visits, showcasing a newfound enthusiasm for life.

Norman not only ventured out to church with Jo and fellow residents but actively participated in decorating the home for Christmas, infusing the atmosphere with festive cheer. What’s truly remarkable is Norman’s newfound passion for gardening. He spent time outdoors, tidying up the garden, trimming bushes, and planning his spring planting – a significant and positive change.

A notable transformation has unfolded as Norman now spends more time in communal spaces, enjoying the living room, engaging in conversations with fellow residents, and spreading laughter to all those around him. It’s a heartening sight to witness Norman’s vibrant presence and the positive impact he’s making on both staff and residents.

Jo’s dedication and the supportive environment at Tanglewood have played pivotal roles in Norman’s journey towards renewed joy and social connectedness. We celebrate Norman’s achievements and look forward to witnessing his continued growth and happiness in the days to come.

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