A Swingin’ 50s Valentine’s Day at Beeston Rise

16 February 2024

A Swingin’ 50s Valentine’s Day at Beeston Rise

This week at Beeston Rise, residents were whisked away on a nostalgic journey back to the vibrant 1950s. It was a day brimming with love and celebration, perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day.

The festivities kicked off with a heartwarming Valentine’s coffee morning, setting the tone for the day ahead. Laughter and chatter filled the air as residents shared stories of love and romance.

But the excitement didn’t end there! The highlight of the day was the swinging 50s afternoon tea party, complete with all the retro flair one could imagine. The room was alive with the sounds of classic 50s tunes, courtesy of the talented Natalie Nightingale, who serenaded us with her soulful voice.

As residents sipped tea and indulged in delectable treats, the atmosphere was electric. Some couldn’t resist the urge to hit the dance floor, showing off their best moves with a touch of 50s-inspired flair.

Regional Manager Sally Tebbett couldn’t help but be moved by the joyous occasion, commenting, “What a wonderful day, filled with love and laughter.” And it wasn’t just the residents who were delighted – one family member exclaimed, “What an amazing afternoon!”

Home Manager Amanda Roy expressed her pride in the Beeston Rise team, recognising their dedication and tireless efforts to make such magical events possible. “We are extremely proud of the team members we have at Beeston Rise,” she remarked. “They go above and beyond, and our fantastic events would not be possible without the support of the team, residents, and family members.”

As the day came to a close, hearts were full and spirits were lifted. It was a Valentine’s Day to remember, where the timeless charm of the 1950s brought smiles to all who attended.

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