A sweet visit from Limes Play and Learn at Meadows Park

15 November 2023

A sweet visit from Limes Play and Learn at Meadows Park

Guess what? We had the coolest visitors last week from Limes Play and Learn, and they brought with them the most amazing poppy bread wreath for us to dig into! It was like a burst of happiness that swept through our place.

Now, brace yourselves, because these visitors weren’t your regular grown-ups—they were a bunch of adorable 3-year-olds! Can you believe it? The residents were over the moon meeting these little bundles of joy. Jean couldn’t help but gush about how well-behaved they were, and you know, it takes a lot to impress Jean!

These mini explorers were on a mission. They checked out every nook and cranny of our home, from the fancy new sensory room to the movie magic of our cinema. But hold the phone—their absolute favourite spot? The lift! Who knew an elevator could be such a hit?

Now, let’s talk about that poppy bread wreath. Caroline, with a twinkle in her eye, declared it not just delicious but a downright nice treat. And get this—she even gave the kiddos a little show-and-tell, proudly displaying the treasures on her table. It’s like a bread-fuelled show-and-tell party!

And here’s the grand finale: we enjoyed this visit so much that we’ve invited them back, and guess what we’re cooking up for next time? Baking bonanza! Get ready for some floury fun and more delicious treats. It’s safe to say, Limes Play and Learn left a trail of smiles, and we can’t wait for round two!

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