A sweet day at Toray Pines

6 October 2023

A sweet day at Toray Pines

Enter our candy connoisseur, Team Member Claire Owen, who decided to sprinkle some sweetness into the lives of our residents at Toray Pines. Claire, in her superhero cape, generously shared her spare time to host an out-of-this-world sweetie taster session that had everyone buzzing with excitement.

Now, where did Claire find these magical goodies, you ask? Well, she embarked on an online quest to the mystical land of Tiktok sweet shops and came back with a treasure trove from the legendary ICandyUk!

What’s so special about these treats, you wonder? They’re none other than freeze-dried sweets, a new sensation that’s taking the candy world by storm. These sweets pack all the deliciousness of regular treats but with a twist – they’re as dry as outer space!

Yes, you heard that right! Even astronauts take freeze-dried food to space, and our residents were about to experience the cosmic flavours firsthand.

Now, picture a candy wonderland with Black Jacks, Werther’s Original toffee, fluffy flumps, rainbow Skittles, and dreamy Milky Ways on offer. Our residents couldn’t wait to dive into this candy galaxy and explore the taste sensations.

Barbara, a sweet-tooth extraordinaire, couldn’t get enough and kept coming back for more. She declared her love for sweets with an unending smile!

Nicola, on the other hand, was in for a surprise. She marvelled at how delicious the sweets were but was equally shocked at how these candies had transformed into giant, puffy versions of their former selves. It was like a candy metamorphosis right before her eyes!

In the end, everyone agreed – freeze-dried sweets were an absolute hit! They had embarked on a taste adventure like no other and were thrilled to try something out of the ordinary. Barbara even shared that if it weren’t for this delightful activity, she might never have known about freeze-dried sweets!

A massive shout-out and a round of applause go to Claire and ICandyUk for making this candy escapade possible.



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