A marvellous tea party

7 September 2023

A marvellous tea party

When the residents of Cedar Falls woke up one fateful morning, they were in for a delightful surprise. It was as though they had stepped through the looking glass and found themselves in a world where white rabbits sported pocket watches, a Duchess possessed a perpetually grinning Cheshire cat, and a hatter threw a marvelous tea party.

The dedicated Lifestyle team at Cedar Falls had planned an extraordinary day for the residents, a whimsical celebration of all things Alice in Wonderland. The entire home had been transformed with colorful bunting, and the food and drink items were adorned with labels that simply said, ‘Drink Me’ and ‘Eat Me,’ invoking the magical essence of the classic tale. The team members had fully embraced the theme, dressing up for the occasion, and even residents Chris and Neville lent a hand in making delectable shortbreads for the event.

The highlight of the day was the enchanting afternoon tea prepared by the talented kitchen team. They served a delightful spread of light cakes, freshly baked scones, and dainty sandwiches, perfectly complementing the enchanting atmosphere.

Cedar Falls would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the kitchen team, whose dedication and skill in preparing the afternoon tea made the day truly special. Special recognition goes to the incredibly talented Jenny, who adorned a magnificent Alice in Wonderland cake that left everyone in awe. The warmest thanks were also extended to all the family and friends who graced the occasion with their presence. Their unwavering support for Cedar Falls is deeply cherished, and events like these hold a special place in the hearts of the residents, allowing them to create treasured memories with their loved ones.

One family member couldn’t help but express their appreciation, saying, “You did a fabulous job, thank you for all you do. It was truly lovely.”

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