A love story that defies the passing of time

14 February 2024

A love story that defies the passing of time

In the tender years of my youth at 17, fate wove a captivating tale that introduced me to Michael, a dashing soul serving in the Royal Air Force. Our hearts converged on a dance floor in Stockport, where destiny orchestrated our first encounter.

As military obligations called Michael back to Lincoln upon completing his service, I hesitated, not knowing anyone in the unfamiliar city. Despite the prospect of love beckoning me to Lincoln, uncertainty lingered, and I refrained from joining him, even though he had proposed marriage.

Time took us down separate paths, and we each found love with others, entering into marriages of our own. Life unfolded, and years later, my journey led me to Lincoln once more. Prompted by familial ties, I found myself settling in the city at the request of my brother, who asked me to be closer.

It was on the bustling streets of Lincoln that the magic of fate intervened once more. As I strolled along, lost in the rhythm of life, Michael’s eyes found mine. Recognition sparked, and he chased after me, a tap on the shoulder bringing us back into each other’s orbit. Days turned into nights filled with shared dates, rekindling the connection that time had momentarily severed.

Our love story took an unexpected turn as we both found our way to Cloverleaf. Seeking to bask in each other’s company every day, Michael chose to make this care home our shared sanctuary. Amidst the quiet joy of piecing together jigsaw puzzles and sipping coffee in the twilight before sleep, our bond deepened.

Now residing side by side, Michael and I have crafted a love story that defies the passing of time. In the gentle embrace of Cloverleaf, where our hearts found their way back to each other, I find myself deeply fond of the man whose love has endured across the years.

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