A Knockout Day at Richard House

6 October 2023

A Knockout Day at Richard House

Hold onto your gloves, folks, because the weekend at Richard House Care Home was an absolute knockout!

Picture this: a sunny Saturday, and Gorse Road was buzzing with excitement as we rolled out the red carpet for some special guests – the champs from Touch Gloves Boxing Gym. It was like a heavyweight showdown of fun and fitness!

Our very own lifestyle maestro, Anita Asken, had a genius idea. Instead of taking our residents to the boxing ring, we brought the boxing ring to them! Touch Gloves Boxing Gym stepped into our ring and gave our residents an up-close and personal look at how the pros train.

But here’s the twist – our residents didn’t just sit on the sidelines cheering; they jumped right into the action! They got their boxing gloves on, threw some punches, and gave it their all. It was a true underdog story, and the residents loved every minute of it.

And let’s talk about our residents’ reviews! They were absolutely floored by the incredible physical prowess of the boxers. They couldn’t stop raving about the sheer talent and athleticism on display. It was like watching a real-life action movie right in our own backyard!

But the excitement didn’t stop there. We had a surprise guest, Shannon McAndrew, a young and determined disabled boxer. She joined the party, sharing her inspirational journey and training tips with our residents. It was a heartwarming moment that left everyone feeling motivated and empowered.

So, there you have it – a day of punches, passion, and pure fun at Richard House Care Home. We’re not just thinking outside the box; we’re bringing the whole boxing ring to our residents! Stay tuned for more action-packed adventures because at Richard House, every day is a championship day!

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