A journey through South Africa

2 May 2024

A journey through South Africa

Last Friday, the monthly armchair travel session at Holbeach Meadows transported residents to the vibrant landscapes of South Africa. Determined through lively activities meetings, South Africa emerged as the favored destination for April. The lounges were adorned with the striking colors of the South African flag, setting the stage for a day immersed in the rich culture of the nation.

The morning kicked off with an exhilarating drumming session led by Sound Lincs, introducing residents to a diverse array of percussion instruments. Enthusiastically, everyone embraced the rhythms, making it a truly engaging experience for all.

During lunchtime, the air was filled with the sounds of South African music, perfectly complementing the traditional flavors of African beef stew or Babotie. The indulgence didn’t end there; Malva Pudding, a beloved South African dessert, was savored by all, becoming an instant hit.

In the afternoon, residents delved into the intricate art of basket weaving, a cherished craft deeply rooted in South African tradition. Drawing inspiration from a documentary, participants honed their skills and shared stories of their own travels over steaming cups of tea.

As the day progressed into evening, a spirited South Africa quiz brought residents together for a final flourish, ensuring the day concluded on a high note. It was a truly memorable and enriching journey through the sights, sounds, and tastes of South Africa at Holbeach Meadows.

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