A journey of love: Celebrating 66 years

27 October 2023

A journey of love: Celebrating 66 years

Seventy years ago, Herbert and Rita’s remarkable journey together began, culminating in their beautiful union on the 19th of October, 1955, at St. Peter’s Church in Woodhall Spa. Even as they managed their farm in Coningsby, with Rita’s role as a childminder, they lovingly raised three children – two sons and a daughter. One of their sons continues to tend to the family farm to this day.

Rita’s life was filled with acts of kindness, including volunteering at the local church in Tattershall, where she skillfully arranged flowers for special occasions, including her own child’s wedding.

Herbert and Rita cherished their quiet moments together. However, after a brief stay in the hospital for Rita, Herbert began to engage more with the activities provided at Toray Pines Care Home. This newfound engagement led to a heartwarming surprise for Rita. He decided to accompany her into the lounge where residents eagerly awaited the arrival of the jubilant couple to celebrate this special day.

The room was adorned with banners, balloons, and a wealth of cards from well-wishers. Their son Ian stood beside them, presenting the emotional couple with a grand bouquet of roses on behalf of the entire family. In a chorus of singing and cheers, the couple cut into the celebratory cake. Rita and Herbert, holding hands once again, took the first slice and, in the sweetness of the moment, reminisced about the many years they’d shared.

With cake and tea enjoyed by all, the celebratory spirit continued as they ventured outside of their room to savor a romantic dinner for two.

Tears welled in Herbert’s eyes as he expressed his gratitude to everyone for making their day so incredibly special. He vowed to be a more frequent presence in the communal area, ready to engage in the activities with newfound enthusiasm.

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