A heartwarming visit from the Churches of Wyberton

15 December 2023

A heartwarming visit from the Churches of Wyberton

This week, we were truly blessed to welcome the churches of Wyberton for a joyous session of Christmas carols at our home. The atmosphere was filled with festive cheer as our residents, with hearts full of nostalgia, joined in singing, recalling cherished memories associated with each tune.

It was a magical moment as the residents, with smiles on their faces, effortlessly remembered the words, transported back to the warmth of holidays past. The solos sung by the children added an extra touch of sweetness, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and connection.

The post-carol gathering, complete with homemade mince pies and cups of tea, provided the perfect setting for residents and visitors alike to share stories, laughter, and the spirit of the season. These moments of connection and camaraderie are truly priceless.

A heartfelt Thank You to Pastor Paul Caddell and the entire team for bringing the gift of music, community, and festive joy to our residents. Your visit has left lasting smiles and beautiful memories in our hearts.

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