A heartwarming reunion at Avocet House Care Home

23 November 2023

A heartwarming reunion at Avocet House Care Home

This week brought about a truly special reunion between two of our residents. A family member of Clair stumbled upon our new resident, David, on Facebook. To everyone’s surprise, it turned out that David and Clair had known each other for a remarkable 40 years and were both residing at Avocet House Care Home, unaware of each other’s presence.

In a heartwarming turn of events, we decided to take David up to visit Clair as a delightful surprise. The joy on Clair’s face upon seeing David again was immeasurable, and the two dear friends relished a long-awaited catch-up over a steaming cup of tea. Anyone witnessing this reunion could feel the warmth of the moment; it was truly an incredibly heartwarming experience.

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