A Christmas gift

15 December 2023

A Christmas gift

Richard House had the pleasure of hosting an incredible little visitor named Kamile, who brought joy and creativity to our community. This amazing young lady crafted a beautiful Christmas card with her own little hands, imprinting a stunning Christmas wreath that captured the essence of the season.

Kamile’s school, Barkston and Syston CE Primary, have been spreading holiday cheer with the 12 days of advent, and her card radiates a message of light and warmth: “Shine your Light So others may See: Matthew 5:16.” The sentiment resonated deeply with the residents, and they were overjoyed at the talent and thoughtfulness of this clever young lady.

The card now proudly stands in our reception area, a shining testament to Kamile’s creativity and the spirit of giving. Residents and visitors alike have marveled at its beauty and the heartwarming message it carries.

As we approach the festive season, Richard House extends warm wishes to everyone for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May the joy of this season surround you, and may the light you share brighten the lives of those around you.

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