A Bewitching Halloween Bash at Sandpiper!

3 November 2023

A Bewitching Halloween Bash at Sandpiper!

This week, we conjured up a spine-tingling Halloween celebration that was downright magical.

It all began with our cauldrons bubbling and pots simmering as our talented chefs brewed up a potion. But what emerged from the depths of their culinary magic? Delicious cupcakes that looked too good to spook!

The excitement was palpable as we transformed our beloved home into a Halloween haven, with decorations that would give any haunted house a run for its money.

And then, enter the enchanting Elderly Brothers! It was their debut performance at Sandpiper, and boy, did they rock the house! The residents were in for a real treat as the melodies filled the air and set spirits soaring!

But here’s the real twist—this Halloween celebration marked a first for many of our residents. Janet, who usually enjoys her evenings in the comfort of her room, decided to join the fiendish fun in the lounge. She couldn’t help but get caught up in the singing, laughter, and magical atmosphere!

With each bewitching note and every shared smile, we made Halloween history at Sandpiper.

Here’s to many more firsts and countless magical moments to come!


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