International dog day

29 August 2023

International dog day

We had a paw-fect day celebrating International Dog Day with our very own Dog Show at Cloverleaf Care Home.

Our furry friends visited their relatives whilst Activity lead, Hayley and her son Shaw went round to meet them all, give them lots of fuss, a certificate and a dog treat cone.

The doggy’s were all amazing, very well behaved and friendly, so it made it very difficult to choose who the ‘Top Dog’ award went to. Hayley decided to let Shaw pick, plus you don’t argue with a 3 year old.

He chose Freddy, a cream coloured Schnoodle and his brother Ernie, a black coloured Schnoodle puppy received a ‘Prettiest Pup’ award.
Freddy was very excited about his win and couldn’t wait to get into his treat cone.

Our ‘Senior Special’ award went to Alfie, a 10 year old Golden Retriever. A friendly, calm and gentle soul.

The next 3 little beauties were all very brave! Despite feeling quite shy and a bit unsure, they still came along to visit and once they were in, they were all absolute superstars.

Billy, a 2 year old Jack Tzu, received a ‘Handsome Chappy’ award.
Rosie, a 9 year old Shih Tzu, received a ‘Loveliest Lady’ award.
Skye, 4 and a half month old French Bull Dog whose name was inspired by the child’s favourite cartoon, Paw Patrol, received a ‘Prettiest Pup’ award.

A very energetic, cheeky, friendly 3 year old Labrador cross Spaniel received the ‘Mischievous Chum’ award and last but not lease, Izzy, a very happy, friendly and excited 3 year old Springer Collie cross received a ‘Loveliest lady’ award!

A huge thank you to all participants, you made the weekend an extra special one!

Senior, Jennie said ‘Well done all of you, treats for the dogs, great work’

Fiona, Daughter of one of the residents commented ‘Thank you to Hayley for fun event. Alfie thoroughly enjoyed all the fuss. Had a nice doze when he got home.’

Hayley Lifestyle Lead said ‘I loved seeing all our doggy friends today, they were all so good! My little boy is a dog lover so it absolutely made his day.’

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