104 years young

13 September 2023

104 years young

It was a tremendous privilege to celebrate a truly remarkable milestone at Avocet House this week. We had the distinct honor of commemorating Bob’s 104th birthday, and what a celebration it was!

Bob is an extraordinary gentleman, known for his impeccable sense of humor and a heartwarming twinkle in his eye, especially when the ladies are around. His life’s adventures, including his days in the army, are a source of cherished stories and wisdom.

The day of Bob’s 104th birthday was nothing short of fantastic. The entire house buzzed with joy and festivity. Bob was showered with a multitude of gifts, heartfelt cards, delectable cakes, colorful balloons, fragrant flowers, and, to add a touch of mischief, a couple of drinks during a special birthday dinner.

Tracey Klue, our Home Manager, shared her admiration for Bob, stating, “We hold Bob in the highest regard here at Avocet House. Our residents’ happiness is at the core of our culture, and Bob’s presence enhances that. He eagerly participates in all activities, his face adorned with an ever-present, wonderful smile. We are deeply honored that he chose Avocet as his home. We sincerely hope that he had a day to remember while celebrating his 104th birthday—an absolutely incredible achievement.”

With heartfelt love and the warmest of wishes, we extend our happiest birthday greetings to Bob. We hope he relished every moment of his special day. From all of us at Avocet House, may his days continue to be filled with joy, laughter, and the cherished memories of this extraordinary milestone. Happy 104th, Bob!

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